Nova Her Ghar Ky Liye

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Powder & Liquid Detergent

Washing laundry made simple

Nova provide a complete range of laundry wash Nova washing powder and Nova liquid detergent. Nova liquid detergent acts gently on your clothes being mild in bright colors. Nova liquid detergent is perfect in removing the stains and leaves a long-lasting freshness with a pleasant odour. Nova washing powder is best to get rid of tough stains & also free of harmful chemicals. Nova washing powder has excellent quality of detergent which prolong the life of appliances & also maintain pleasant fragrance in clothes. Your clothes deserve the best care through Nova.

Dishwash Bar & Liquid

Clean crockery with elegance

Nova dishwas clean all sort of glass made dishes with just one wipe and eaves an unmatched streak-free sparkle. Nova Dishwash Clean dishes and utensils are vital in maintaining the hygiene of the family. Nova liquid starts to cut down the dirt particles even before you begin to wipe. Nova eliminates all kinds of fingerprints, smudges and grime on the surface of the dishes. With Nova dishwashing easier and faster with dishwashing gels and power of lemon made it more efficient.

Phenyle, Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner

Make & keep home clean

Nova phenyl kills 99.9% of germs & bacteria. It is bugs and insect repellent & suitable for daily use which also maintain fragrance. Nova bathroom cleaner removes tough stains. Nova bathroom cleaner used for floor, ceramics and tiles & maintain pleasant fragrance. Nova bathroom cleaner special formulation for all types of water, can be used on daily basis & no harsh on skin. Nova toilet cleaner tough on stains & it is antibacterial which kill 99.9% of germs. It can also be used as disinfectant and has long lasting fragrance.